Welcome Members!

Officially, this is the first post of the NEW and UPDATED web presence of the Illinois Society of Pathology.

As President, I welcome each of you, and encourage you to sign up and participate by comments, suggestions, replies, etc.  This site has been completely redesigned to encourage dialog amoung all ISP members, from all membership levels.  Initially I am sure there will be a few “glitches” and “gremlins” in the site, but let us know about them. Help us make this the BEST site possible for our membership.  I am confident that this will become a highly useful TOOL for  communication between Pathologists in Illinois, and to our membership in general. 

For Illinois Pathologist who are NOT members…this is the perfect time to join us.  Our voice, as representatives of Illinois Pathologists is only as strong as it’s membership.  The greater the number of pathologists…the stronger the voice.  OUR voice.  For OUR issues. 

Thank you for visiting.  Now is the time to REGISTER.  Go to the link at the top of this (and every) page and select the “membership levels” link.  This link will take you to a page which will describe each membership level that is available in the ISP and have further links to take you to the appropriate membership registration pages.  It’s easy….do it NOW.

Stephen G. Ruby, MD, MBA, FCAP
President, ISP

BTW…I also want to thank Dr. Mark Pool and Pam Cramer for the hard work and time that was devoted into the establishment of this new site.  Great Work!

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3 Responses to Welcome Members!

  1. pamela cramer says:

    Excellent and vibrant website. !MANY THANKS to SGR.

  2. Reshma Ariga says:

    Looks great and very user friendly.

  3. Reshma Ariga says:

    A suggestion would be to post our mission statement “Promote Pathology as a Physician Specialty. Organize Illinois pathologists for advocacy” on the top somewhere of the opening page….

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