Provider and insurer reimbursement bill, HB5085

Postings on this recent bill and relevant follow up bills, meetings and postings will be provided here.  Please check back for the most current information.

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  1. Richard Anderson says:

    The Insurance Committee of the 97th Illinois General Assembly held a hearing on March 1, 2011, regarding provider and insurer reimbursement issues surrounding the recently signed bill, HB5085 (now public act 096-1523) and potential follow-up bills: SB2165, SB1545 and SB72. Representatives of all hospital-based specialities, the Illinois State Medical Society, the Illinois Department of Insurance, practice managers and billers and billers, representative state Senators of the insurance committee and few consumer groups were among the attendees. The Illinois Society of Pathologists were ably represented by Dr. Bob DeCresce, who personally provided testimony. The meeting was constructive and encouraging. The coalition of hospital based-physicians and the Illinois State Medical Society will continue to provide additional legislation to address the inequities created by the recently signed public act. Additional information will be released as this issue continues to unfold.

    The Insurance Committee of the 97th General Assembly has 11 members and is chaired by William R. Haine (D-56th district).

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