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APS Medical Billing and Professional Consulting has provided billing services and practice management solutions to pathologists since 1960.  Since then, we have grown to provide billing services for more than 300 Pathology Departments throughout the United States, varying in size from single physicians to large university/academic-staffed pathology departments.  We believe with the right combination of quality, technology and customer service, we are able to ensure all our clients experience a highly efficient and effective billing process.  Some features included in our service are:

 Ø  Complete Accounts Receivable Management with a dedicated Account Representative to oversee day-to-day issues
Ø  Proprietary Billing System that is customized by each clients’ unique needs
Ø  Physician credentialing services with all insurance carriers
Ø  Fee schedule management in real time to identify and collect all underpayments
Ø  State of the Art charge capture system which verifies all CPTs are billed
Ø  Carrier contract negotiation
Ø  Electronic claims submission and remittance from all major insurance carriers
Ø  All first and secondary insurance are filed through our office (improving collection)
Ø  800 Phone-line for enhanced patient assistance
Ø  Hospital IS interface for electronic patient demographic record merge
Ø  Hospital IS dial-in capability for retrieval of missing patient demographic data
Ø  Dedicated coding staff and routine audits
Ø  Comprehensive end of month reporting
Ø  Dedicated transition team
Ø  Denial management and reporting
Ø  Accept VISA/Mastercard payments
Ø  Practice reporting
Ø  Hospital contract assistance
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APS believes by ensuring integrity, accuracy and efficiency we are providing pathologists with customized, flexible billing options.  Our clients know the difficulties involved in billing for their services and have turned to APS to deliver solutions and structured processes for their invoices.  Each implemented services assists our work efforts developed specifically for your accounts, enabling APS the ability to provide exceptional customer service and performance results.  It is imperative our clients feel they can count on APS to deliver superior results.

For more information about revenue enhancing features of APS or to discuss a free confidential benchmarking of your practice’s performance, please contact:

 Matthew A. Zaborski|
APS Medical Billing and Professional Consulting
Regional Account Executive, Illinois
1-800-288-8325 ext. 1559