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In this area we can post information requested to be posted by our membership:

  • New publications     Let us celebrate your latest publications by posting them here.  Members only.
  • Job postings    We are happy to post positions that you are working to fill.  The only requirement is that you have to have been an ISP member for at least the previous 12 months to qualify for posting.  We choose to help our members!  (Postings will be run for 6 months, and can be renewed by request of the posting pathologist for an additional 6 months)
  • CV postings   Looking for a job in the Chicagoland area?  Post your CV here – But there is a catch….you have to have been an ISP member for at least 12 months prior to your request.  We will run your CV on the site for 6 months.  You many renew the posting upon request (up to 12 months total).  Not a member?  Join now (residents and fellows are free) so you can post your CV in the future and you don’t get excluded from this valuable service.  WHERE ELSE can you get such focused coverage for FREE?
  • Other items of interest to the ISP membership Other items may be submitted for inclusion on the web site, upon approval of the board.  We reserve the sole right to limit this to items which we feel is of value to the membership and for the length of time we will post item.


As stated above, the ISP reserves the sole right to determine what is posted on this site, at all times.  Being a member does NOT provide you with the right to post anything on this site without Board approval.

Send any items to

All items should be submitted electronically.  We do NOT transcribe, scan or do anything to prepare your materials for posting.  All materials must be “cut and paste” ready.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ALL SUBMISSIONS: ALL material must be submitted in simple format.  USE MICROSOFT NOTE PAD FOR COMPOSITION.  DO NOT USE WORD OR OTHER WORD PROCESSORS.  They insert an enormous amount of extra material in the body which cannot be stripped out.  Materials submitted in such formats may be refused publication.  We suggest the following:

  1. Submit the text that you wish to include written in MS NOTEPAD, and saved with file name that includes your last name.  (Again….word processor files are NOT acceptable)
  2. You may wish to also include a PDF file of your complete CV or publication, which we can include as a link on your page.

Thanks…we look forward to your submissions!

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  1. pamela cramer says:

    The ISP Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, May 21 has been postponed to
    SEPTEMBER 12, Thursday, 6:00-9:00 in Chicago. Watch the website for details.

    The meeting for May was cancelled due to legislation in Springfield and the need for ISP leaders to present testimony on the Direct Billing law.

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